• What's the Problem?

    Let's face it: carrying around cables is a drag. Finding a place for countless cables that keeps them safe and untangled without the risk of breakage can be a tall ask, especially for those with multiple devices. Counters are full of cables, while charging in a public place runs the risk of juice jacking. Further, some battery packs die quickly without a quick way to recharge, creating inconvenient solutions that don't meet needs.
  • How the Bibicharger Fixes Everything?

    If you're tired of the problems with a common tablet charger or phone charger, you'll love the Bibicharger. It makes these age-old problems obsolete, providing effective charging without the headache. Sleek and attractive, unlike the standard, boring chargers on the market, the Bibicharger keeps cables organized and contained, providing a sophisticated mess-free charging solution. With no chaotic cables and an effective juice jacking block, nothing works as effectively as the Bibicharger.
  • How Is the Bibicord Unique?

    Most chargers, even in the best of circumstances, leave you with cables to coil and organize, whether you're at home or on the go. The Bibicharger takes away the stress of dealing with standard chargers, leaving you with a single attractive device to make managing charging better than ever. With a retractable cable that extends up to three feet, the Bibicharger can accommodate charging anywhere, anytime, risk free. The Bibicharger and Bibicharger with power bank can accommodate 100 to 240 volts, making it the perfect fit for any device.
    Bibicharger's benefits go beyond function, too. Bibicharger makes people happy – with numerous available colors, characters, sports logos and fashion designs, Bibicharger can delight children, teens and adults alike. It's time to make charging your phone both attractive and organized, improving both how you look and how you feel.
  • What Devices Are Compatible with the Bibicharger?

    The Bibicharger is available with compatible Lightning (iPod, iPhone, iPad), Type C, and Micro USB charging devices. The Bibicharger has gone through a series of rigorous tests to ensure the highest quality and standards. It is UL-certified and manufactured at a fair labor factory.
  • How Does the Bibicharger Protect Me in Public?

    Juice jacking, or a way to infect a phone using a public outlet, can be a big problem for those on the go and in need of a charge. Luckily, the Bibicharger provides peace of mind. With the ability to charge without compromise, the Bibicharger guarantees safe and stable charging, no matter where you need to plug in.