About Us

Our First Product

The founder Joanne Loewen had an “aha” moment. Her daughter, Bianca (“Bibi”), had her iPad plugged into an outlet on the kitchen counter. she did not like cords lying on the counter because it looked messy and unattractive. Bianca had a little tape measure that had a pretty design on it sitting on the counter. Joanne picked up the cute tape measure and put it against the outlet and thought it would be attractive to have the charger and cord look like the tape measure. This is how the Bibicharger idea was born.

We thought it would be great to make phone chargers more attractive, sleeker and functional. We also liked the idea of personalizing the phone charger with designs, sports logos and even Disney characters.

Regarding design, Joanne knew she wanted an attractive, sleek, “all in one” tablet / phone charger with retractable cable that quickly charges your iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet. The 2.7-foot retractable cable eliminates tangled cables, the cord Prevents Data Theft ,the retractable prongs provide easy storage, the 2.1 amps enables quick charging of cell phones and tablets, the durable case protects the cord when it is not in use, and the compact design easily fits into a purse, bag or pocket.

Our product line contains other patented consumer tech charging products that are in the developmental stages.


To be the leading company that develops and delivers customized / personalized products within the electronics industry.


  • Transform electronic products into accessories for both men and women
  • Personalize electronic devices for both individuals and businesses
  • Sell quality products at competitive prices
  • To have a work place for people to grow, stand together, learn and develop their skills