Great for Travel

What a great idea! This is a great addition to my travel bag. No longer wrapping up my cord for my phone and Kindle. Also keeps use it at home as it keeps my counter tidy when not in use. I would purchase this again. Great gift for a hard to buy person!

Great Powerful Charger – Small and Compact

I really liked how small and compact the charger; the retractable cord is awesome – no more tangled cords. I really love that it protects your data. As you can see in the picture the cord was too long, I just pressed the button and it retracted the cord to give a neat appearance it. I recommend it.

Excellent Product!

The product is very compact and sleek looking. My favorite feature and the reason I bought it is the retractable cord. I travel a lot and my old cords always get tangled in my bag. This solves the problem. I highly recommend this product.

Best Ever! A Must-Have Item

I love this charger. The design and quality manufacturing are better than any other charger ever purchased!

No juice jacking!

My friend recommended that I buy the BibiCharger because it prevents juice jacking. I travel a lot and I’m always charging my phone in public places. Well when I received it I loved the compact size and that It eliminates cords all over my counter. I think I’m going to buy 2 more 1 for my son and 1 for my husband.

Bibicharger- Love it!!

This charger is attractive and sleek, no more tangled chords. I also love that the Bibicord prevents my devices from getting “juice jacked” in public spots or airports. I can feel safe that my personal data will not be stolen.

Keeps my Kitchen Classy

I love this product! I was trying to de-clutter my kitchen counter and this cable allowed me to keep it tidy. I have my tablet I use for recipes and a Bluetooth speaker plugged into it. The retractable cable is so convenient; I can place the tablet where I need as I work and then store the extra cable away when not in use, but still have the ability to keep it plugged in and hide the balls of excessive cable line. This keeps my kitchen classy!